italy world cup Italy’s World Cup Triumphs – Ranked

italy italy world cup world cup We’ve all heard of the infamous italy world cup holders’ curse, right? italy world cup

4. France 1938 italy world cup

We saw it with France in 2002, Spain in 2014 and Germany in 2018. Italy, however, said ‘f*ck it, we’ll stretch this curse over three bloody tournaments’. How ’bout that? italy world cup

3. Germany 2006 italy world cup

Since Marco Materazzi opened his gob and Fabio Cannavaro held the golden goodness aloft, the Azzurri have amassed a grand total of one victory in World Cup matches, and even that comes with an asterisk. How Raheem Sterling beat Gianluigi Buffon from 48 yards out and celebrated in the most nonchalant way possible remains a mystery. italy world cup